• $3,750.00 – Youth Trip to LONDON: all inclusive (air from PDX, food, lodging, entertainment & wand 🧙🏾‍♂️ )

Date & Time Details: October 19-26, 2019

Location: London, United Kingdom

Kim McDonough

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Cairns Adventures: Youth Trip to London

With Beth Woolsey and Kim McDonough

October 19 - 26, 2019

3E570F2C-58A8-46D5-8E06-EFE7FA4A62EEIn October 2019, we’re thrilled to host a trip for youth ages 10+ to LONDON. Using Harry Potter locations as our structure — Platform 9 3/4 (King’s Cross Station), Great Scotland Yard (the Ministry of Magic), the Millennium Bridge, and more — we’ll also learn the Muggle (aka, our) significance behind each one. We’ll eat at pubs similar to the Leaky Cauldron, and we’ll shop at Leadenhall Market which was used in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone as Diagon Alley. And the trip will culminate in a visit to Warner Bros Studio, just outside of London (via double decker bus, of course), to see the spectacular Making of Harry Potter, drink butter beer, and choose our very own wands at Ollivander’s.




So we know this travel experience will be fun and educational, but what really sets it apart is our focus on teaching young humans HOW to travel.




In a safe and supervised environment — our adult-to-youth ratio is 1-to-4 — students will be in charge of ALL the major aspects of travel so they can learn essential skills and become seasoned, wise world citizens. Skills to hopefully last a lifetime. From procuring their own boarding passes and finding airport gates to working their way through the Underground (“mind the gap”), students will gain confidence, situational awareness, and navigation skills. They’ll learn budgeting and responsibility by being in charge of their own daily food allowance. They’ll learn tips and tricks for how to travel comfortably and kindly (keys not to be underestimated are enough rest/downtime and SNACKS.) They’ll learn the ins and outs of staying in a youth hostel as we all share one big dorm room. And, of course, they’ll learn positive communication, cultural awareness, and that it’s **OK to make mistakes** — we’ll be there every step of the way to encourage, bolster, and step in as needed.




Why host a trip like this? We’re parents, teachers, and world travelers ourselves, and over the last 20+ years, we’ve taken our own kids (starting at 4 months old) to more than 20 countries. (We’ve been to over 50 cumulatively.) We’ve watched our kids blossom in these environments and learn they are capable, smart, savvy human beings. And we’ve watched our kids gain the understanding that they’re not just American citizens — they’re world citizens with a much broader perspective and deeper compassion for their fellow humans. To be honest, that’s the kind of person and planet we want to build, and we believe there’s truly no better way to do it than to travel.

INCLUSION POLICY: This trip is open to all youth ages 10+. In particular, it is a safe space for youth who identify as LGBTQ+. If you have any questions about our inclusion policy or our ability to accommodate your student, please contact us at info@cairnsfarm.com.

CANCELLATION POLICY: This trip will proceed with a minimum 4 students. If there are fewer registrations, we will cancel the trip and refund all fees. If you choose to cancel, please see our full cancelation policy.




Beth Woolsey
Beth Woolsey is the writer and humorist behind BethWoolsey.com and is a self-described mess maker, magic finder, rule breaker, and kindness monger. She’s been described by readers as “optimistic, authentic, poignant and laugh-out-loud funny” and she was named one of SheKnows.com’s Top Five Moms Who Will Make You Laugh Out Loud. Beth…
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Kim McDonough
Kim McDonough is a dedicated teacher, a life-long learner, a dreamer, a tender, and now, with the acquisition of Cairns Farm, a farmer. On hiatus from her profession as a middle school humanities and leadership teacher, Kim lives and works full time at Cairns Farm now with her husband, three youngest children…
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