• Kayak Camping – $375.00

Date & Time Details: June 13-15, 2019

Location: Salem, Oregon


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Cairns Adventures: Kayak Camping Women’s Weekend

With Beth Woolsey and Kim McDonough

June 13 - 15, 2019

A4DF5654-2C6A-440A-BBDF-74CDBA991D1EJoin Kim McDonough and Beth Woolsey for a small group women’s weekend via the Willamette River in Oregon. Geared toward folks looking for a tranquil getaway in the beautiful outdoors, this trip will teach kayak camping basics — what to pack, how to plan, how to read a river map, where to sleep, and, most importantly, how to breathe deep and relax away from the bustle of regular life.

This is a perfect trip for people who like to camp and kayak but may not have much experience with either. We use sit-on-top kayaks for their ease of use — they’re extremely stable, nearly impossible to flip, easy to navigate, and can take quite a bit of gear.

SAMPLE SCHEDULE (subject to small changes)

Thursday, June 13 — Meet together at 2PM in Salem (location will be provided to participants) to prep and pack kayaks together. Shove off at 3PM. Short paddle (1 hr) to our paddle-in-only campsite where we’ll show you how to unpack gear, secure boats, and set up tents for a fun evening next to the river. We’ll cook dinner and dessert together over the campfire.

Friday, June 14 — After hot coffee (with cream and sugar if desired) and a continental breakfast, we’ll break camp and head back to the water. Shove off by 10:30am. We’ll spend the middle of the day paddling leisurely (and just floating when we want to), stopping for lunch, and eventually pulling out at a lovely local winery for the night. Paddle will take 4-5 hours depending on how much we float. We’ll set up camp together next to the vineyard, pick the wine we’d like for the evening, and gather together for dinner and watching the sun set behind the grapes.

Saturday, June 15 — After hot coffee (with cream and sugar again, because this is not a Suffering Trip 😉) and a continental breakfast, we’ll break camp and pack up for our longest river day, paddling and floating 6-7 hours to eventually pull out near St. Paul around 6pm. Sunday is the perfect day to sit back, relax, chat, take photographs, and soak up the beautiful Oregon countryside from your kayak.


Here are a few more details you may find helpful…

FOOD: All food and beverage from Thursday dinner through Saturday lunch (including evening wine and snacks on the water) is provided for you.

EQUIPMENT: You may choose to either bring your own tent, mess kit (plate, bowl, flatware, mug), and kayaking gear (boat, paddle, PFD, dry bags, tie-downs, etc.) or we will provide those items for a fee; see two price choices based on your preference for procuring equipment.

WHAT TO BRING: A full packing list will be provided after registration, but the main pieces you need to plan on will be sleeping bag and pad, pillow, small camp chair or pad to sit on, clothes, and toiletries.

And, finally, FAIR WARNING: Last time Kim and Beth took this trip, it changed their lives. During two long, lovely days on the water, they decided they needed to create a space for EVERYONE to be able to relax and rejunivate. Five months later, they bought Cairns Farm with their partners, and the rest is history. 😂





Beth Woolsey
Beth Woolsey is the writer and humorist behind BethWoolsey.com and is a self-described mess maker, magic finder, rule breaker, and kindness monger. She’s been described by readers as “optimistic, authentic, poignant and laugh-out-loud funny” and she was named one of SheKnows.com’s Top Five Moms Who Will Make You Laugh Out Loud. Beth…
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Kim McDonough
Kim McDonough is a dedicated teacher, a life-long learner, a dreamer, a tender, and now, with the acquisition of Cairns Farm, a farmer. On hiatus from her profession as a middle school humanities and leadership teacher, Kim lives and works full time at Cairns Farm now with her husband, three youngest children…
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