• COVID-19, Cairns Farm, and Future Gatherings

    COVID-19, Cairns Farm, and Future Gatherings

    Dearest Friends of Cairns Farm, We purchased our dream farm a year and a half ago with the express purpose of bringing people together to gather in the gorgeous outdoors, breathe fresh air, and enjoy rest and respite from the …Read More »
  • Firm Foundations! (Phew!)

    Firm Foundations! (Phew!)

    FIRST, and most importantly, NO ONE DIED. Second, it was a closer call than anyone would have liked. Third, the foundation repairs of BOTH the Little Red Barn AND the Uncles’ House are FINISHED. Rejoice with us! And fourth, we …Read More »
  • When a Sterile Goat… Isn’t (aka, Welcome, Baby Goat ;))

    When a Sterile Goat… Isn’t (aka, Welcome, Baby Goat ;))

    So, THAT was unexpected. Yesterday, as Jeff, Kim, and their kids (no pun intended), who live on the property at Cairns Farm, settled into their hammocks to enjoy a quiet Father’s Day afternoon in the Oregon summer, one of the …Read More »
  • Baby Goats!

    Baby Goats!

    Ten acres is a lot of acres, friends, when you start thinking about grass and weeds and prolific blackberries growing like they’re on steroids. Because we prefer not to spray chemicals in the areas where people will gather — the …Read More »
  • Bullet Journaling Workshop

    Bullet Journaling Workshop

    This Thursday, we’re excited to host a Bullet Journaling Workshop with Wendy Gassaway at Beth Woolsey’s home in Newberg, Oregon. You may have heard about bullet journaling recently — it’s been taking the internet by storm — but what is …Read More »
  • TRYathlon Workshop Series UPDATED

    TRYathlon Workshop Series UPDATED

    Welp, as the saying goes, “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” In our case, it was the best laid plans of skunks and humans, but we’re not quibbling about the underlying truth of the matter. …Read More »
  • Outhouse Down!

    Outhouse Down!

    Pulling down the ancient, Leaning Tower of Toilet (aka, the outhouse) was one of our MANY projects during Spring Break. We’re pretty sure, if it hadn’t been nailed to the fence, it would’ve fallen decades ago. As lovely as it …Read More »
  • TRYathlon Workshops ANNOUNCED & Registration Open!

    TRYathlon Workshops ANNOUNCED & Registration Open!

    ***UPDATED: Workshop Availability has CHANGED***Please see the April 7th blog post here for more information. Our desire at Cairns Farm is to always — always! — provide ways for people to connect, to learn, to recreate, and to be part …Read More »
  • The Little Red Barn Project

    The Little Red Barn Project

    We have a lot of projects happening simultaneously at Cairns Farm these days. After working through the winter during some bitterly cold Saturdays, we’re excited to see what we can accomplish during nicer weather so we can prep the farm …Read More »
  • Cousin Planting School

    Cousin Planting School

    DO NOT TELL, because it’s a secret, but not all parts of the farm are currently gorgeous. Many are. Many are stunning. Just not ALL. See, Cairns Farm is a nut-free property. No ground nuts. No tree nuts. On purpose. …Read More »