What is Cairns Farm?

Cairns Farm is a 9-acre private park and open space offering sanctuary, a place to gather, recreation, and educational opportunities in the middle of Oregon’s gorgeous wine country. Located just 15 miles from Portland and easily accessible via I-5, our family-owned farm is the realization of a long-held dream to create an inclusive, welcoming space for all comers. 

We have divided our property into two unique spaces for you: a 3-acre Douglas Fir forest we call The Wood, groomed for group games and sports like laser tag, and a 5-acre private park with ancient oak groves, open fields, fir stands, a natural amphitheater, an open barn shelter, decking, and an antique farm house with three restrooms — one of which is accessible for folks who experience disability. The remaining acre houses our family home, barn, well, gardens, and animals. 

What do you offer?

By early summer 2019, we will be offering expansive places to picnic, roam, gather, play, learn, and breathe in clean, clear air. We’re hard at work building decks, tables, shelters, and restrooms, and we’re preparing space to welcome you well. 

FOR NOW, our 3-acre Wood is open and ready for LASER TAG. We have specifically geared our land and equipment to accommodate groups of all ages who are looking for lightly competitive fun. Perfect for family reunions, youth groups, and playing with kids, our course is not formally refereed. Hard core laser taggers will prefer a formal arena with heavy duty equipment. Folks looking to play together will love this low pressure, beginner-friendly environment. Each group reservation includes the whole Wood for exclusive use, and prices begin at $75 per hour for up to 5 people. Additional people (up to 20 total) $15 per person. 

What are your hours?

We are open by private appointment during daylight hours every day of the week. See below for contact and inquiry information.

What does it cost?

Costs vary based on group size, time of year, activities, and length of engagement. Please contact us for a quote specific to your group. 

In general, our 2019 pricing structure for our 5-acre private park is as follows:

  • High Season (May-October) Weekends and Holidays: $1500/day*
  • High Season (May-October) Weekdays: $900/day*
  • Low Season (November-April) Weekends and Holidays: $500/day*
  • Low season (November-April) Weekdays: $300/day*

We’d love to see you for a partial day gathering, as well! We offer a discounted rate during high season of $100/hour (2 hour minimum) up to one month in advance.

Your reservation is confirmed upon receipt of your 50% deposit. The balance is due one month prior to your gathering.

The 3-acre Wood is available to rent in addition to the 5-acre park. See above for information regarding renting The Wood for laser tag. If you’d like to use The Wood for activities that do not require the laser tag equipment, contact us for rate information.

*Important Note: Our restroom facilities can accommodate up to 100 people per day. If your group will exceed 100 people, please contact us for more information.

Is Cairns Farm an Event Venue?

Cairns Farm is a place to gather. It is not an event venue in the traditional sense. As a private park and open space, we have chosen to operate under similar restrictions and guidelines to those of public parks. Our primary focus is providing an inclusive and welcoming space for groups to play and enjoy the outdoors. While we do have ample space, restrooms in process, and some areas that provide shelter, we do not have an indoor venue on site. We’re open during daylight hours, and we do not allow amplified music on our grounds, both of which tend to naturally limit events. If you’re looking for an outdoor park setting for your group to gather, we’d love to chat with you!

Who are you?

We are Jeff and Kim McDonough and their 4 kids and Beth and Greg Woolsey and their 5. Jeff and Beth are siblings, squabblers, and friends. And Beth and Kim are the mastermind geniuses / masterful persuaders who convinced Jeff and Greg we should all bring this crazy dream to fruition. Never underestimate the power of women on a mission!

We’ve had our share of change and challenges through the years as we’ve built our families through birth and adoption, learned to advocate for our kids who experience disability and life-threatening medical conditions, and generally died to ourselves and were reborn as different, more compassionate, gentler — and far fiercer — humans. When our church denomination split two years ago over whether to be welcoming and inclusive of our LGBTQ+ friends and family — when we lost our church building and the camps we and our children attended because we are firmly and immovably on the side of honoring and uplifting ALL people as infinitely worthy of love and full acceptance as they already are — we faced a new challenge; figuring out who our community is, after all, and what it means experientially to love our neighbors as ourselves. And so we started brainstorming and dreaming and, finally, building a space that is open to all.

Jeff and Kim have moved to Cairns Farm, and Beth and Greg live in Newberg nearby. We spend our weekends together now, working to make Cairns Farm a reality.

What’s in a name?

People often asked why we chose “Cairns” as the name of our farm. A cairn, for those who haven’t wandered the highlands of Scotland lately or found yourselves on the Pacific Coast Trail with dedicated backpackers, is a stack or pile of rocks used as a memorial, landmark or trail marker. Cairns can be enormous and built of thousands of rocks over months and years or tiny pieces of art that will last only minutes. Cairns for our family remind us of our Celtic and Gaelic heritage, and, when we found the farm we’d been searching for on Rocky Hill Road, we felt the name was fate. We’ve been on a journey, after all, searching for a place to put down roots and burrow into the earth, and looking for the trail markers along the way. What better way to memorialize this place — where we hope many on their own journeys will find solace and succor — than to name it for the ethereal cairns that lead us home?