COVID-19, Cairns Farm, and Future Gatherings

Dearest Friends of Cairns Farm,

We purchased our dream farm a year and a half ago with the express purpose of bringing people together to gather in the gorgeous outdoors, breathe fresh air, and enjoy rest and respite from the regular hustle and bustle of our world.

During this strange time, with a global pandemic outbreak, we believe in our mission more than ever. We NEED each other. We need clean air. We need connection. We need places free of worry and stress.

We also need to be safe and wise, and Cairns Farm is committed to abiding by all local and national recommendations so we can slow the spread of disease among the most vulnerable. At this moment in time, that means we’re suspending all gatherings at the farm for the duration advised by authorities — currently, for eight weeks, through May 10th.

Just a week ago, we were hoping to announce our official GRAND OPENING in April. Our initial projects are nearly done with a renovated barn, restrooms, expansive decking showcasing views of the Cascades, and 8 acres for our guests to play and roam. In addition, we were planning to celebrate our kids’ high school and college graduations and another family wedding. We’re finding ourselves, like so many of you, with all our plans on hold, in wait-and-see mode, practicing gratitude AND processing disappointment. Both/And.

With all these changes afoot, we’ve been brainstorming how we can continue to serve our community during this time of uncertainty. At the same time, we’ve been made aware of many who are losing deposits on gathering spaces for events like our family’s… an unfortunate outcome of forced cancelations.

We’d like to help if we can.

We would love to host your gathering when we reopen. We have both indoor and outdoor spaces available, and we believe we already have the best rates for private gathering space in the area. We know it’s a time full of anxiety, and want to help alleviate some stress of planning a future gathering with many unknowns. Because of this, we are offering a 25% discount on all bookings for the remainder of 2020 that are reserved during the period of social distancing recommended by the CDC (currently through May 10th). In addition, all 2020 bookings scheduled during this time are fully changeable (they can be rescheduled to any other open dates in 2020 without penalty or fees), and we guarantee a refund of 95% of the booking cost in case of cancelation (the remaining 5% covers our online booking costs through a third party.)

We want to take the worry out of planning, letting you put a pin in a date for a future gathering without risking a bundle of money or the hassle of making changes.

When we’re able to reopen, we’ll also be offering weekend mini-retreats for up to 6 people. If you have a group of friends or family with whom you’d like to plan a getaway after this is all over, we’re happy to build a retreat catered just for you! Just let us know and we can put a pin in that, as well.

Finally, we’re thrilled to announce the birth of three new baby goats on Saturday, joining the other 6 born to our herd this Spring. As soon as we’re cleared for public gatherings, we’ll offer baby goat yoga once again.

Whether you’re planning a visit to our farm or not, we wish you peace and health.

With love,

The Cairns Farm Crew