Farm Critters

Baby Goats!

Ten acres is a lot of acres, friends, when you start thinking about grass and weeds and prolific blackberries growing like they’re on steroids. Because we prefer not to spray chemicals in the areas where people will gather — the 5-acre Private Park and the 3-acre Wood — we’ve turned to animals to help us care for our land. First, pigs. And now tiny, ADORABLE baby goats.

Five baby goats, to be exact — all wethers (fixed boys) — named Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Raj, and Stewart. And two adults — a doe and a wether — named Penny and Wil Wheaton.

In order above, left to right, that’s: Penny, Leonard, Raj, Steward, Howard, and Sheldon.

We are IN LOVE.

So — just FYI — if you need us for anything, you can find us in the pasture snuggling the babies.

You know. Whenever they let us.