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TRYathlon Workshop Series UPDATED

Welp, as the saying goes, “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”

In our case, it was the best laid plans of skunks and humans, but we’re not quibbling about the underlying truth of the matter.

As you may know, we’re busy renovating an ancient red barn as a lovely park shelter, and it was in that shelter we planned to hold many of our Spring TRYathlon Workshops. We have the pros rebuilding the foundation so we’re in good hands, but, because we know projects may not always go exactly according to plan, we built a three-week buffer into our timeline just in case we discovered some unforeseen difficulties.

Little did we know, three weeks wouldn’t be nearly enough.

Turns out, the barn was built on a thriving metropolis of skunks. A veritable city of them.

And on the bones of their ancestors. Going back many generations. So, a city and a mausoleum — a crypt that may very well be haunted by the ghosts of skunks who met an untimely end — WAS our foundation. Between the surprise need to root out whole metphitidae families, bring in a jackhammer contraption to tamp down their warrens (lest our new foundation fall through the dens at a later and inopportune date), remove rather enormous boulders, and — because the base of the barn was so very rotten — rebuild the bottom of the barn and rig an apparatus to lift the barn from the rafters to set it on its new foundation, we’re further behind than we anticipated, even under our worst case scenario.

Oops! We’re chalking this one up to Important Things We Learned.

BAD NEWS is, due to our barn slow-down, we do have to postpone our Spring TRYathlon Workshop series.

GOOD NEWS is, we ARE going to hold a few of the workshops conducive for an at-home space at my (Beth’s) house.

As a result, here is the UPDATED LIST OF WORKSHOPS we’re able to offer at this time:

Monday, April 8th — Neurofeedback (train your brain!) with Amanda Bayha, $35 (Note: This class allows for maximum 6 participants. We’ll add an additional Neurofeedback workshop if needed.)

Thursday, April 18th — Bullet Journaling with Wendy Gassaway, $50 ($35 workshop fee + $15 materials fee… and head home with your own bullet journal)

Thursday, April 25th — Winetasting: The Winemaker Journey with Jon Gassaway of Sandro Wine, $35. Jon will be sharing his personal experience with winemaking and leading the class through tasting experiences. Expand your palette and enjoy a relaxed evening learning from the pros!

Monday, April 29th — Dream Tending with Monica Tweet, $35. Dream Tending moves beyond dream analysis and interpretation and focuses on our consciousness which is alive in our dreaming psyche. How do we use our deep imagination and intellectual processing skills to access the innate and intuitive information in our dreams?

We’d love to see you at any/all of the above workshops in April, and we’ll let you know as SOON as we’re able to reschedule the full TRYathlon. Given summer plans, most likely in the Fall.