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The Little Red Barn Project

We have a lot of projects happening simultaneously at Cairns Farm these days. After working through the winter during some bitterly cold Saturdays, we’re excited to see what we can accomplish during nicer weather so we can prep the farm for private park use this summer. As you know, we’re putting dozens of plants in the ground, and Greg and Jeff have been hard at work building the new pump house for the reservoir we need to ensure a steady water supply. More on the pump house soon.

But our current major focus is the Little Red Barn, a stunning building and one of the focal points of Cairns Farm.

When we first bought the property, we thought we might need to take her down. I mean, check out this poor dear’s wonky legs…

Especially that front footing.

Not so hot, right?

We love the Little Red Barn, but we were honestly afraid a strong wind might take her down before we’d have a chance to attempt a resurrection.

Her foundation is off-kilter at the moment, and her beams are riddled with rot and holes, and we were faced with a choice: tear down and build something new or try to save what stood for decades before us, knowing we’d have our work cut out for us.

In the end, she won us over.

She was, after all, part of what first drew us to Cairns Farm in the first place. And we felt like we owed it to the character of the land and to those who built her and put her to work to sustain them to try to save her for the future, albeit for a new purpose.

This week, Northwest Foundation Repair broke ground to shore her up with a new post and beam foundation, and we’re excited to see their progress. Once we have solid footing again, we’ll get to work rebuilding her floor and opening up her south and west sides with large barn doors. Decks will go in beneath the new doors with views focused into Cairns Farm, and a long farm table will sit in her center underneath a chandelier we’re recycling. Sort of a Farm Chic look, if you will, to decorate our new park shelter.

Stage One of the Little Red Barn Project has begun! And we look forward to bringing her back to life.