Spring 2019 Workshop Series

Cairns Farm is proud to present our Spring 2019 “TRYathalon” workshop series, with 26 introductory-level classes available in three “event” categories.

Our desire at Cairns Farm is to always — always! — provide ways for people to connect, to learn, to recreate, and to be part of a loving, supportive community. When we were chatting about where we want to begin with workshops, we thought of All the Things we’d LOVE to try… if only we had the opportunity, and if only we could learn in an environment where it’s OK to be a beginner.

ENTER STAGE RIGHT: The Cairns Farm TRYathlon — an opportunity to try new things with 26 classes divided into three fun event categories on Monday and Thursday evenings from April through June.

Our event categories are Make, Taste, and Tend with a huge variety of options.

  1. MAKE: Classes in visual art, fiber arts, and home crafts will include candle making, painting, sketching, knitting, inappropriate (or appropriate if you must) embroidery, sign making, bath bomb creation, and bird house building.
  2. TASTE: For those of us who love to eat and learn about food science and culture. Classes will include tea tasting, crafting cocktails (and foraging for ingredients like wild mint), cheese tasting, whiskies of Ireland, how to make a signature simple syrup, jam making, gnocchi two ways, wine tasting, how to make a balanced cheese plate, and more.
  3. TEND: Classes to gently care for our hearts and minds will include learning more about the Enneagram (a personality typing system that’s less about personality and more about our core motivations and deepest needs), neurofeedback for nurturing our brains, dream tending so we can pay attention to what our subconscious may be saying, bullet journaling, mindfulness, nutrition, and vinyasa and restorative yoga.

Because we want to keep class sizes small — maximum 15 participants — we’re opening registration FIRST to people who want an all-access pass. When we open remaining spots, each workshop will cost $35/person + the cost of materials (if any), not to exceed $15/class. For example, some of the Make and Taste will require supplies, but many of the Tend workshops will not. A complete list of classes, dates, and any associated fees will be available soon.

All-access passes are available now: $599/person for the full season. Not only does an all-access pass provide 34% cumulative savings for the season, that price includes materials, as well.

To register, email us at

We hope to see you soon!

{{Note: Some TRYathlon workshops will be held at Cairns Farm. Others will be held at Beth Woolsey’s home in Newberg. Class locations for each workshop will be announced soon.}}