Uncles House

Introducing: The Uncles’ House

When we first visited what was to become Cairns Farm, we were transfixed by an old farmhouse that sits proudly at the southwest corner facing the main road access to this small piece of earth. Quaint and tiny, it had clearly seen better days with its cracked paint and weathered wood.

The doors sag, and the electric box on the front is crusted with rust. The windows are coated in grime and spiderwebs, and I can’t help but wonder what they’ve seen with their cataract eyes.

What they’ve witnessed of the comings and goings on our rocky hill.

There was a time after we purchased the land when we didn’t know if it could be saved.

But despite outward appearances… and some seriously questionable interior design…

…we couldn’t help but notice how sturdy this little building is,…

…how pretty its bones,…

So we consulted builders and contractors and took advantage of our friends with expertise, and, after a time, we concluded with confidence the house can be saved. What’s more? It seems to want to be.

There’s an ancient ladder in a tiny back room with deeply worn rungs where feet have moved up and down, to and from the attic.

A century? More?

We don’t know exactly yet.

What we do know is that this little, unplumbed place was home to two brothers for most of their lives — the “uncles,” as they were known to their niece who lives on her family’s farm across the road.

And so we’ve called it the Uncles’ House, which was its name before us and feels important to retain.

Over the next few months, we’ll lovingly restore and refresh it as the Cairns Farm office and restrooms for our private park guests.

I’m not sure exactly what it is that draws us to bits and pieces of history or what it is inside our modern condition that longs to grab onto the past and preserve what we can. But I do know the Uncles’ House has captured our hearts and imagination and that we can’t wait to welcome you to Cairns Farm from this place.